The LeGrow is cleverly named after its inspiration, the modular blocks we know and love from our childhood. The only difference is that with the LeGrow, you don’t build cities, or buildings, or cars, you build an ecosystem!

This modular block-garden looks like something truly ahead of its time and simplifies the plant-growing process by reducing the human involvement to simply plugging blocks into one another. Available as standardized blocks that are designed to fit your plants, you can switch from your regular planters to the LeGrow blocks by just lifting the plants up and putting them in the plastic modules. The blocks come with a water reservoir at the bottom that keeps the soil ventilated and its moisture level monitored. It even comes with a humidifier unit that allows your tiny ecosystem to have an amazonian forest-like humid haze that nurtures the plants while also making your room environment feel comfortable. If your room is cut-off from ambient sunlight, the lamp module for the LeGrow works like a charm, mimicking the aura of the sun, switching on for exactly 6 hours in the day so that your plants get their photons! The humidifier and lamp modules connect into the low-voltage electrical module that supply them with power, while also giving you 3 USB outlets to charge your devices.

LeGrow’s inherent beauty is not just in the way it simplifies the garden-building process, but also the aesthetic behind this simplicity. The blocks are available as sets, allowing you to infinitely customize your mini-forest to fit your style or your space. Cramped apartments can opt for a more vertical setup, while if you’re high on space, you could decorate your home in a way that fits your tastes. Besides, plants themselves have calming effects on humans. ‘Forest bathing’ has become a universally popular way to beat stress by letting the human body absorb essential oils that plants emit into the atmosphere.

Designed for people who love gardening but don’t have the skill or the time, the LeGrow is as simple as stacking cubes together, and then periodically filling the reservoir with water. It keeps a check on soil moisture, atmospheric humidity, and most importantly, sunlight, so you can just watch your lush green forest unfold before your own eyes! Or better still, make yourself a self-sustaining herb garden for some delicious homegrown meals!

Designer: Haobin Lin

author: yanko