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Porada, leading company in the production of design furniture from Como, has announced the winners of the Porada International Design Award 2016: a contest that involved both professional and student category with the aim to honor the best and innovative concept of coat hangers, with different monetary awards ranging from 800 to 3,000 euro. The competition is sponsored by Porada and the Politecnico of Milan, under the patronage of ADI, the Association for the Industrial Design.

The jury selected six winners, three for the professional category and the same for the student category. As concerns the former, the first prize went to ‘The Swaying Bamboo’, designed by Bogdan Bondarenko and Yuliia Fedorenko from Ukraine. As you can see, the structure is inspired by the bamboo, symbol of well-being and it is made of two elements: the wall box and a rack with hook. Instead, ‘Arborem’ designed by Davide Mazza is the winner for the student category. That’s a freestanding hanger in solid wood which consists of a base made of three legs, a central node and branched arms, which recall the shape of a tree.

This contest boasted a lot of success and submissions: 228 in the Professional category and 199 in the Student category. For this reason, Porada has decided to launch a new 2017 edition: this year the focus will be on small tables.

author: ddn