Omar Aqil has just produced a series entitled MIMIC. These are visual experiences transforming six Picasso paintings into 3D. By putting volume to the works, the artist allows himself to be able to explore further the shapes drawn by one of the greatest painters of the 20th century. If Omar Aqil selected works of Picassois not by chance, indeed since always it is inspired by the forms that interact with each other in his paintings.


Original Painting : “Seating Woman” 1930 by Pablo Picasso

Mimic 3D : “Seating Woman”2017 by Omaraqil



Original Painting : “Visage” 1928 by Pablo Picasso

Mimic 3D : “Visage” 2017 by Omaraqil



Original Painting : “Monument to the Spaniard”  by Pablo Picasso

Mimic 3D : “Monument to the Spaniard” 2017 by Omaraqil



Original Painting : “Buste de femme dans un fauteuil”  1949 by Pablo Picasso

Mimic 3D : “Buste de femme dans un fauteuil” 2017 by Omaraqil



Original Painting : “Compositionl”  1946 by Pablo Picasso

Mimic 3D : “Composition” 2017 by Omaraqil



Original Painting : “Black Figure” 1948 by Pablo Picasso

Mimic 3D : “Black Figure” 2017 by Omaraqil





author: fubiz