Feel the beat with this special headphones that pulses laser lights to the beat of your music or to the rhythm of your heart: it’s ‘Glow’ design by omonimous firm Glow, LLC. It’s a mix of laser light, sound technology and cool design for an experience like no other. An intuitive 5-way controller allows you to not just control your music, but also make calls, text, and use apps with ease.

Whether it’s running around malls or snowboarding down a mountain, Glow lets you see and track your every beat using an integrated heart rate monitor.  Glow was designed to provide listeners with the clear and balanced audio response they expect from a high-end audiophile product.

Glow headphones are comfortable and easy to use for everyday activities. The ergonomic design of the asymmetric nozzle follows the natural contour of your ear, so the earbuds fit perfectly and securely.


author: ddn