Czech designer Martin Jakobsen has created Quido, an enclosed globe-shaped cocktail glass for two. The spherical glass, which is hand-blown in the Czech Republic, features two glass straws that protrude from the top, and a giant silicone stopper which can be removed to pour in drinks. Jakobsen’s philosophy is that by enclosing the drink entirely, flavours and aromas are intensified, spillage is prevented, and dust and insects are kept from spoiling the refreshment.

Quido is a follow-up to Jakobsen’s previous innovation in glassware, the Halm, a round cocktail glass for one sealed by a stopper on its base. He worked with bartenders from around the world to create the double-strawed Quido, which, as he says, breaks all convention in tableware while keeping your drink safe.

Jakobsen, who opened his studio in 2010, creates minimalist pieces that are simultaneously functional and aesthetic, like his Revolution wine glass, which allows drinkers greater creativity by changing the vessel’s position to horizontal or vertical; or KarPPi & Himo, a decanter and water glass whose shape resembles that of a fish and water drop.

Julia Ardila ddn